• Yes, but people really enjoying the party occasionally mistake me for the barkeeper. Sadly, I don't have any drinks to offer.

  • Yes, please?

  • Only if...

    • this is in the organizers' interest.
    • an audio connection fits
    • the transition from the current track to the smartphone can be as unobtrusive as possible
    • there is still space on the dancefloor for me 💃
  • Sure, but in the Bermuda Triangle away from the wardrobe things lying around tend to change ownership.

  • Unfortunately not while I DJ. Later, when only the real party heads are left on the dancefloor we can have another chat about AUX 😉

  • Gladly if there are no conflicting wishes.

    In general, however, this also shortens the waiting time for police or ambulance. In rural regions, this may be of strategic importance.

  • More likely if you tell me the title and artist and leave the karaoke cover away from the vocal chords.

  • Bouncers are not the best conversationalists 🤔 Once a bouncer asked me why I wanted to go to the club with all that DJ stuff. "DJing" was then a relatively convincing answer.

  • Today I play only bad songs. The good ones will be played tomorrow 🙏

  • Go dance to what's playing!

  • It might make people mad in case you twist it in the wrong moment. If you're interested in finding the right moment, I'm happy to offer DJ workshops!

  • More than 11,000 songs of almost all kinds. If your song request is not included, you can send it to me via the form on my website.

  • Hopefully not the police arriving.

  • Yes, but if you manage to recall all popular music genres, I'll make sure your song will be played as soon as possible 🤞

    Hint: The music genre "Normal" does not exist.

  • Gladly longer, but my job is to transition between songs.

  • Sure, if I have access to it and it just fits sound-wise.

    The following attempts at persuasion, on the other hand, fail in classic fashion:

    • "But everyone will like it!"
    • "Xyz wants it for their birthday!"
    • "I just missed it!" or
    • "But I'm about to leave!"

    And as a guy, it helps surprisingly little to send off a lady who asks me the same question again 😉

  • Ideally, at a good party, you should hang out next to the people you like.